Be Bold With Your Second Home


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Your home is not merely an investment. It is a statement. 

Building an ultra-luxury property is not merely an investment. It is a statement of sophistication, refined taste, and charisma. If you are a member of the World-Class Elite Club, who appreciates the finest things in life, have the highest standards and expectations, then be bold with your second home.

Buying or building your first home is a right of passage for many as they move into adulthood. It’s one of the most significant purchases a person will make up until that point. But unfortunately, it’s often more of a practical choice than a fulfillment of a lifelong dream.

Most will look for something closer to their work or with suitable school access. They’ll weigh budget with accessibility and make compromises to their initial desires. Sure, they’d love the modern artist retreat or funky downtown loft, but they have kids to raise and work to attend, so they go for the cookie-cutter home in the suburbs. It’s exciting to have a place of your own, but it usually doesn’t end up being the place of your dreams.

Many first homes represent compromise and sacrifice.

However, when you reach the place in life where you get to purchase or build your second (or third, fourth, etc.) home, that’s when you can truly get what you desire and need.

Your second home typically comes later in life. You’ve worked and grown as a person, developing a personal taste and style. You know better who you are and what makes you thrive.

Perhaps in your twenties, you craved the frantic energy of a big city. Access to restaurants and nightlife took top priority. So, you choose a tiny apartment in a hip part of town, close to the action. Now, later in life, you desire escape and tranquility. You’d like time in nature to get away from the noise so you can work on a passion project.

As we grow and mature, we learn things about ourselves. When buying your first home, you might have imagined yourself entertaining people nightly from a lavish open kitchen floorplan. But a look at your past ten years shows that you mostly attend parties at other people’s homes and spend most of your time in your office.

So, your second home represents an opportunity. You get to apply the lessons you’ve learned about yourself and treat yourself to what you really want. You can build something bold, specific in purpose, further away, or extravagant.

Are you building a 2nd Home or a Holiday Home?

Before launching too far into your second home planning, you need to make one crucial distinction: what kind of second home you want. You can help answer this question by looking at the amount of time you plan to spend in your second home.

Will this be an occasional vacation spot you visit two to three times a year? Or will you be escaping to your new getaway every weekend? Will it be a fun vacation spot you eventually sell off or something you plan to transition to when you sell your first home? Will you be renting the property out when not in use or sending friends to stay in your absence?

You need to be crystal clear on how you intend to utilize the space. Your intended use has significant implications on your second home’s design, layout, materials, etc.

If you’re infrequently visiting, you can choose bold graphics or design choices that wouldn’t make as much sense if you were dwelling there daily. A large living room spanning fireplace is a fantastic feature for a weekend retreat on a cool night. But if you’re there every weekend, you may find yourself missing the television, for example.

Also, if you think you might plan to rent it out to others, this impacts how bold you might want to be in your designs. A prominent feature wall that looks great to you could put off renters and will need to be considered.

Similarly, some design elements require more extensive upkeep. Will you be around to tend to a lush garden, or can you trust renters with your koi pond?

When making these decisions, be honest with yourself about how much you’re willing to travel, how much free time you have, etc. It’s easy to imagine ourselves escaping to the hillside every weekend, but then actually driving a few hours after a long work week is more demanding in practice.

Your Second Home as an Investment Opportunity

Many will look at their second home as an additional investment opportunity. They’re not wrong. Housing will continue to climb in pricing, and represents an excellent chance to grow your wealth. However, as with any investment, proper planning and strategizing is required to maximize your returns.

To start, your choice of location is critical. While some want to show off that they have the ability to build, buy, or renovate in the California hills, explosive growth has already hit this area. If you’re looking to maximize the returns of your second home, other areas have a higher ceiling for market appreciation.

Many markets, like Austin, TX, are still in earlier stages of growth compared to California. In the case of Austin, as tech companies continue to open in the area and more and more transplants flee to Texas for the tax benefits, housing prices will continue to climb. If the primary goal of your second home is investment, locating these next-wave boom towns should be high on your list of priorities.

While you’re waiting for the market to mature before reselling, you can offset the home’s price by opening it up for rentals. It’s easier than ever to connect your luxury property with the right renters thanks to sites like Airbnb Luxury.

If your investment strategy weighs heavily on the side of rental income, you’ll want to pay extra attention to your location and style. For a personal getaway home, it’s lovely to be super isolated and miles away from anyone else. But, those properties will, of course, see less rentals than something closer to the action. Finding the perfect in-demand location in a beach town or next to a ski result is tricky, but worth the effort.

You Deserve to Have Your Dream

We hope that we’ve helped you build some excitement for your next home project.

Designing your dream second home is an opportunity. Be sure to embrace this opportunity to its fullest.

Think honestly about how you live and what you want out of your home, and then envision how your dream home can maximize your pleasure and enjoyment.

And be sure to try out bolder designs and styles that you might not want to live with day-to-day in your primary home. Your first home was probably safer and full of compromises. But now you’re in a place in life to get exactly what you want. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination and budget. You’ve worked hard to get to where you are today and deserve a second home with every detail meticulously planned and crafted.