Design Service

A home design architect acts as your advisor, mentor, and counsel—and ultimately partner—as your custom home methodically comes into being.

“A designer is a planner with an aesthetic sense.” — Bruno Munari

Design Service

Turning the bold ideas we create together into reality will be a long process. Myriad steps will need to be taken. Extraordinary architecture can appear elegantly simple when finalized, but creating it is a complex endeavor and each phase must be carefully completed before moving onto the next. With our collective decades of architectural and design experience, we will carefully move through these necessary steps (the first two will require we work with you intensely to meet your requirements):

Schematic Design

Creation begins with an idea. The first step is carefully settling on your project’s preferred design concept. Translating your desires into a realistic hypothesis is the central goal of our schematic design process.

Design Development

Concept begins to meet reality. Our architects will advance the design significantly—until a clear image of what is to be exists. Building exteriors will be fully designed, interior layouts completed, room dimensions finalized, and most materials selected, including equipment, systems, and furnishings. An accurate project budget will result from this work.

Construction Document

We next move onto preparing technical drawings, detailed construction notes, and the specifications necessary to carry out the bidding, construction, and permitting processes. This is a more in-house, detailed phase where architects—working with structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and civil engineers (along with landscape architects)—work collaboratively to prepare a highly-detailed technical document.

Construction Administration

Once construction is underway, we will be dedicated to providing the level of oversight necessary to ensure your project is fabricated to the specs we’ve developed—thereby building your vision into a lasting reality.

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