Why Move From California to Texas?

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The California Exodus

When you think California, you think blue water and cliff-lined beaches, beautiful sunsets, Disneyland, Hollywood, and several other attractions. Beautiful as they are, these thrilling sites and sounds have not stopped residents from moving out in droves from the Golden State.

The California exodus has been going on for a while. Statistics show that roughly 7.5 million people have migrated from the state to other regions in the country in the past two decades.

The Lone Star State of Texas is on top of the list of new destinations. According to statistics, 86,000 Californians relocated to Texas in 2018 alone. While some are leaving California behind to start new lives in equally-sunny Texas, others are looking to build second homes.

Why Texas?

Texas is unarguably one of the fastest-growing states in the country. Everything from its warm weather, thriving economy, beautiful scenery, and vibrant entertainment scene are an appeal. An even greater appeal is the absence of a personal income or business tax, a luxury most Californians wouldn’t mind trading places for.

Compared to California, Texas offers arguably a more conducive tax climate for individuals and businesses alike. This one perk has motivated individuals and Fortune 500 corporations like Oracle, Hewlett-Packard, and Tesla to find new grounds in Texas.

Texas is a booming state that guarantees a unique luxury lifestyle, with fewer taxes and more opportunities for growth in business and career. And the steady influx of Californians to the state is proof of that.

Austin: The new hotspot

Popular among the Texan cities Californians are settling for these days is the capital city of Austin. It is safe to say that Austin is the new hotspot. Some have even dared to call it the new Hollywood.

Austin is known for having an abundance of attractions for people from different walks of life. From its green parks and bubbling nightlife scenes to its stable job markets and family-friendly neighborhoods, it is safe to say that the southern city of Austin is one of the best places to live in the US.

Let’s take a look at what makes Austin stand out.

Live music and festivals.

The music never stops in Austin. The city comes alive with sounds of thrilling live music in different genres. Little wonder it is known as The Live Music Capital of the World.

Austin is home to music-inclined locals, live bands, and several A-list celebrities. With over 250 live music venues, residents and tourists will always have good music to soothe their ears.

Music events and festivals are Austin’s forte. It sure knows how to host a good show. The city is famous for hosting some of the largest and most anticipated tech and arts events, the likes of South by Southwest (SXSW) and Austin City Limits Music Festival (ACL).

Real estate and housing

California home seekers far outnumber available housing. This growing disparity between supply and demand results in a shortage of available homes in desirable neighborhoods and zip codes.

On the other hand, Austin still has early opportunities to secure real estate in choice areas and neighborhoods — enough to cause Californians to want to seek new homes and get more for their investment.

Best places to live in Austin

Austin is a fast-growing city with several urban and suburban neighborhoods, each with unique feels and flavor. Depending on one’s budget and lifestyle, they are sure to find the right neighborhood to live and play. Here are a few of the best places to consider settling in when relocating to Austin.

1. Downtown Austin

Downtown Austin is a buzzing and bustling metropolitan area serving as the heart of the city, boasting several functional business and entertainment districts. With plenty of alluring attractions, Downtown Austin has a great appeal for fine living and luxury lovers, entertainment enthusiasts, and young professionals with plenty of disposable income.

There are a lot of sights and sounds to explore. Whether taking a tour of Downtown Austin in the Austin Duck on East 4th Street, taking a stroll on the Congress Avenue Bridge, or visiting the Austin Fire Museum, you’ll always have activities to keep yourself entertained.

Among the many attractions of Downtown Austin are exquisite restaurants and bars, coffee shops, and beautiful views of the Colorado River.

2. Clarksville

Clarksville is a growing urban hub located west of downtown. It features serene neighborhoods and hilly streets. Known for its rich historical background and beautiful landmarks, it is unarguably one of the best places to settle in Austin.

Clarksville is also a hub for social and historical festivals like the Fine Art Festival, Red River County Historical Society’s Annual Fall Bazaar, Gateway to Texas Get-A-Way Tour, Music on Main, and other events.

Residents of the neighborhood enjoy access to restaurants, cafes and coffee shops, art galleries, and beautiful parks. It is a great choice for home seekers who love car-free living, long walks, and date nights.

3.  Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a suburb with a rich history located north of the University of Texas. If you fancy pedestrian and bike-friendly neighborhoods lined with trees and lush lawns, Hyde Park is one place you would love. It has a perfect blend of historical and modern architecture suitable for students, young professionals, and families.

Hyde Park has several outdoor spots including an array of art galleries and history museums, bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, and nightlife spots. Golf lovers in Hyde Park have access to the nine-hole Hancock Golf Course, the oldest golf course in Texas..

4. Mueller

Mueller is an urban neighborhood in Northeast Austin, reputable for its eco-friendly environment. This area, with its small town-like feel, lies where the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport once stood.

Known for its commitment to green spaces, this community offers mixed-use plans and car-free living,  Mueller is very suitable for young families and professionals who enjoy being outdoors or who desire a close proximity to the University of Texas.

Mueller is a closely-knit community with shops, bars, restaurants, community gardens, and a lake to lounge and socialize. Apart from the massive parks within their blocks, kids also have The Thinkery, a STEAM-education museum designed for play-based and hands-on learning experiences.

Unique garden homes, rowhouses, and custom-built homes are big deals in the Mueller neighborhood.

5. Allandale

Allandale is a tight-knit suburb in north-central Austin with a mix of historic and modern buildings. The area is suitable for young professionals and families seeking a quiet and family-friendly neighborhood, away from the hustle and bustle of the lively downtown—which is only a few miles away.

The mid-century-style houses scattered across the Allandale neighborhood sparks a feel of old Austin. The wide streets are a delight for bikers and pedestrians.

Allandale sure has a thing for parks and playgrounds. The neighborhood has several of them, including Beverly S. Sheffield park, Northwest park, Lucy Read School Parks, and the Gullett Elementary Park and Playground

6. Cherrywood

Cherrywood is comprised of several micro-neighborhoods, French Place being one of the most-popular. Located in the east section of Austin, it is an excellent choice for families and professionals looking to live among an eclectic style of mature homes and fresh, new construction.

Residents can enjoy a bubbly nightlife and access to restaurants, parks, and shopping centers. The neighborhood is only a short drive away from downtown attractions.

Cherrywood hosts a two-day art fair yearly that brings art and live music lovers together.

Make the big move

The decision to migrate to a new place can be a daunting one to make. Everything from choosing the area to settle in to buying, remodeling, or building the right house can feel overwhelming. Ultimately, it can be a rewarding decision, especially if you have the right team.

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